Stefano Messina on Corriere della Sera: “Italy and Europe can no longer compete on the prices of cargo ships”

Stefano Messina is moved when he talks about his grandfather “he died when we were all children, but we have extraordinary memories of him, a person who deeply cared about the unity and family values”. Entrepreneur of the first generation, he started a family business – today Ignazio Messina & C. – becoming one of the main Italian and world shipping operators with scheduled services that connect southern Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent connecting over 50 ports and serving 40 different countries. “Our company deals with international scheduled shipments” – says Messina – “through our ships which are the main material asset and are largely owned, fly the Italian flag and are composed almost exclusively of Italian crews, this is a great boast. We transport containers, the most common means through which finished products but also semi-finished products are transported ».