Messina (Assarmatori): it is time for decisions and coherent timing for Venice cruises

“Something is moving and I sincerely hope that some of the inconsistencies in the Venice cruises Decree can soon be solved”. Stefano Messina, President of Assarmatori, is pleased to note that several amendments, tabled by numerous representatives of various political parties, “reveal signals of unease sent out by the maritime and port community”.


“Even though the Venice cruises issue has been under discussion for years, the recent Decree has been drafted too quickly and it does not take into account the complexity of the situation. It has ended up by not providing contextual solutions – as requested by the companies that had been hoping, for years, for a different alternative from Giudecca.”.


“Now we need to fix specific goals”, Messina said, “in relation to the corrective measures. First of all, a date must be set for the resumption of cruises in Venice, allowing the first berths in Marghera as early as in spring 2022. A failure in these terms would put the entire season at risk, with all the related negative consequences.”.


“Income support for workers, companies and terminal operators must also be adjusted. There is a large segment of the Venetian economy, with national repercussions too, on which the Decree has a strong impact. Moreover, jobs procedures’ must be simplified as much as possible, in order to meet the very tight deadlines. It therefore seems unworthy providing for the application of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).”.


“Finally, the possibility of reusing the Vittorio Emanuele II canal for the transit of small ships should be assessed on a technical-nautical basis, avoiding any prejudicial or ideological position.”.


Messina concluded by arguing that “Venice is a fundamental port hub and the related taken decisions have an impact on the entire Adriatic port system. This balance must be safeguarded, together with the function of Venice as a Home Port”.