Stefano Messina (Assarmatori President) at the Italian Cruise Day 2021: “EU flags can boost maritime occupation”

An important improvement to maritime employment can come from the European cruise industry. This is Stefano Messina’s key message, during the round table on cruises sustainability, which was held in Savona, at the Italian Cruise Day.

The contribution of cruises to the employment is already important, but it can grow further “if we are able to fully exploit the opportunities deriving from the benefits enlargement to EU-flagged ships offered to the maritime employment”. According to Clia estimates, it is likely expected a significant increase in the number of employees on European ships in the period 2022/2028. “At this point”, Messina added, “it is easy to predict that the extension of state aid in favor of seafarers employed in auxiliary services on cruise ships registered in EU countries will have a noteworthy impact on the number of employees. Since the Italian work in the hospitality and entertainment sectors is unanimously considered highly qualified, there has been a significant investment in training schools, which are now able to provide staff with the necessary skills”.

A fundamental contribution also comes from the cruise sector in the field of sustainability. “From water treatment, to waste management, to social actions against food waste, cruises represent an extraordinary model of sustainability that is often little known”, Messina continued, hoping for greater state investments in research and innovation, “especially on alternative fuels. Nevertheless, these latter unable to find adequate answers on the market today”.