“Sistema Paese” and “Mediterraneo allargato”, round table between the Italian Navy and Assarmatori

An online-meeting was held today, Friday 9th July 2021, between the Italian Navy representatives and the top management of ASSARMATORI on issues relating to the protection of national interests in the maritime domain of the “enlarged Mediterranean”.
This collaboration reinforces the “Country System” concept, to whom the Italian Navy and the maritime cluster are mutually witnesses. The meeting which has been opened with greetings either from the Head of the 3rd Department of the Naval General Staff, Rear Admiral Vincenzo Montanaro (representing the Chief of Naval Staff) or from the President of ASSARMATORI Stefano Messina – accompanied by Councillor Stefano Beduschi.
During the meeting, it has emerged the importance of ASSARMATORI’s role in supporting the development of the Italian blue economy and of the Italian Navy, as guarantor of maritime communication routes’ safety to protect the national interest. The Italian Navy provided an overview of the geopolitical context of the threats and risks of maritime security, with particular reference to the phenomenon of piracy – currently very active and dangerous in the Gulf of Guinea.
ASSARMATORI acknowledged the important feedback received during the training activities carried out in the Gulf of Guinea and it hoped for continuity in the collaboration. The complex and delicate dynamics of maritime security operations related to piracy in that area were also explained from the perspective of the coast guard.
The meeting was concluded with the Italian Navy presentation on the “National Systemic Approach to the Maritime Domain” project, concerning the creation of a strategic hub for the coordination and collegial development of “a national maritime thinking” and the creation of an operational hub for the strengthening of Maritime Situational Awareness. These are tools aimed at defending the interests of the country and the actors operating in the maritime dimension, with significant benefits for all the actors supporting the national blue economy – supported also by the Italian Navy through activities such as international cooperation and naval diplomacy.