Shipping & Cyber Security: the complete video and documents from Assarmatori’s Open Session are now available

Cyber security has become a priority for the world of Shipping and ASSARMATORI organized, in collaboration with the Nautical Academy of the Adriatic, a seminar day at the headquarters of Conftrasporto-Confcommercio.

In recent years the dependence of on-board computer systems has become extremely significant and it will be become even more so with the imminent approach of autonomous ship technology and the use of artificial intelligence for the governance of ships.

Assarmatori’s Open Session gave a 360-degree perspective addressing all core aspects of information security on land and the more specificly issues relating to systems on board ships, also in the light of European choices on the matter (NIS directive – Network & Information Security) from which the first Italian regulatory instruments were derived.

This one-day program including discussion and comparisions while including representatives of shipowning companies’ experts on Cyber security, such as Dr. Costantino Fiorillo, General Manager of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and Anti-Corruption Officer, Central Security Body, Cyber Security, Space and Rear-Admiral, Luigi Giardino, Chief of the the VI Department, of the General Command of the Port Authorities. Both have declared their utmost readiness to engage with the shipping world to give practical effect to the new rules for computer security in this strategic sector.

Full videos of the Open Session which are available include:

Part 1:

Greetings and introductory remarks by Dr. Stefano Messina (President of Assarmatori), speeches by Dr. Costantino Fiorillo (MIT – Director General, NIS Authority, Transportation Sector) and CA (CP) Luigi Giardino (Head of the VI Department of the CGCCP)

Part 2:

Speakers: Eng. Enrico Carrara (RINA Service, Member of the IACS Panel on Cyber System), Avv. Enrico Vergani (Bonelli Erede with Lombardi, Head of Focus Team Shipping), Dott. Alessio Redina (Scenario), Eng. Antonio Iannucci (IT Manager Caremar), Dott. Alessio Lilli (General Manager TAL). Conclusions Eng. Stefano Beduschi (President of the Nautical Academy of the Adriatic) and of Eng. Enrico Allieri (Ship Technology, Maritime Safety & Environment Director of Assarmatori).

The main topics of the program included:

1. NIS Directive – Guidelines – Implementation (Dr. Fiorillo)

2. IMO Guidelines (amm. Giardino)

3. IT security on board ships. The perspective of the Classification Societies (Eng. Carrara)

4. Maritime Cyber Risk management and solution (Dr. Redina)

5. Awareness and cultural change (Eng. Iannucci)

6. ISO 27001 certification – direct experience (Dr. Lilli)