Re-launching the national maritime and logistics cluster. Matteo Catani (Assarmatori) participates in the talk show of the Blue Economy Summit 2020 – VIDEO

Genoa, Blue Economy Summit 2020. Matteo Catani speaks to Assarmatori at the talk show “how to relaunch the national maritime and logistics cluster?” – 29/06/2020


The explosion of the #Covid19 health emergency and the decision to deal with the lockdown of most of the economic activities and the mobility of people had modalities that did not allow a prediction of how the restart will develop. In fact, uncertainty is the most dangerous virus for those who have to make decisions and plan, a danger that is faced and overcome only with a lucid vision and flexible planning, ready to seize the opportunities. This is the challenge facing the productive economy and logistics in particular, in Genoa, in Liguria and in the whole country, aware of our place within a global system that will undergo changes that are partly predictable, partly still hazy. Precautionary measures must therefore be taken, from the extension of Golden Power to an in-depth recognition of the location and safety of manufacturing and taking stock of strategic products for the economy and society, and the related corrective measures.