Youth employment, training and work in the maritime sector. President Messina in Pozzallo for the conference “Orienta (la) Mente”.

Assarmatori’s President, Stefano Messina, actively participated in “Orienta (la) Mente: The Armament Meets the School.” A Conference in Pozzallo, Italy on May 30th in the morning. The local Harbor Master’s Office organized the Conference. “Knowing the trade of the sea today, for the best professional choices tomorrow” is aim of the event’s mission, with the needle of the compass pointing above all towards youth employment, professional training and working in the maritime field.
President Messina applauded the maritime community of Pozzallo which, over the years, has continuously contributed to enhancing maritime careers by training professionals to provide them with great skills and abilities.
The President went on to say that, such goals are made possible both by the awareness of the sea and its diverse activities, resulting in an all-around shipping-oriented vocation, which from the natural geographical position of this Sicilian municipality, is a true showcase on the Mediterranean as well as a gateway for goods coming from the southern slopes and far eastern extremes of the world. “Pozzallo is a goldmine of values and possibilities – this viewpoint emerges from the conference, – representing the beating heart of a living maritime community”.
Approaching the theme of training and its effectiveness – Assarmatori’s President, Stefano Messina, – did not fail to consider the difficulties in Italy—to balance the labor supply and demand. He believes that the absence of an efficient collection of the necessary needs and skills leads to an incorrect ”distribution” which then consequently causes an imbalance between supply and demand. The result generates inefficiency in the system, represented by over-educated young people dedicated to tasks that do not require the level of education achieved, leading to a feeling of mutual dissatisfaction and wasted resources.
Moreover, — continues the President of Assarmatori – the world of logistics is at the forefront of s great transformation & innovation process taking place known as Industry 4.0. This revolution has a double impact on the shipping sector where IT innovation combines with transportation innovations, improving the overall link between shipping and distribution logistics.

An adequate technical training system must, in this regard, constitute the backbone of the innovation process in companies, based on the precise needs expressed by the sector.
In this process of evolution in reference to the technical context, an important role is certainly covered by the I.T.S., called to act as a training ground for supplying the necessary professional skills in this phase of technological transformation towards digitalization.
Therefore – concludes Messina in his summary – it is necessary to pay more and more attention to training and to work in order to match the tasks associated with different career opportunities to meet the expectations of the young people employed. To this end, training must constantly keep pace with the times and must keep pace with the dynamic evolution taking place in the shipping sector “.
Meanwhile from the sidelines of the conference, the ritual exchange took place of the crest between the President Messina and the Captain of the Harbor of Pozzallo, C.F. (CP) Pierluigi Milella.