MIT, National Conference “Infrastructure, Transport and Territory”. Assarmatori convenes the Commission “Logistics, infrastructure and ports”

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (“MIT”) presented the project “National Conference on Infrastructure, Transport and the Territory” with the aim of identifying its new strategic lines of action.

The conference, as MIT explains on its institutional website provides five discussion tables (air transport and airports, sustainable development urban policies, sustainable mobility and local public transport, road transport, ports, maritime navigation and port authorities ), which address the macro themes that characterize transport policy.

Within each ministerial table some topics of discussion are identified which will have to be studied in depth. For each of these tables, the MIT will launch a public consultation , followed by a conference that will lead to the preparation of a final report that will be the basis for the development of the national strategy on each area.

Furthermore, each subject area will follow a standardized process that includes:
– preparation of a summary document describing the problems identified (to be published on the MIT website);
– identification of the subjects participating in the individual discussions, such as, by way of example but not limited to, the associations that represent users.

The conference is scheduled for 11-12 June 2019 , days in which the work session dedicated to the topic “Ports, maritime navigation and port authorities” will also be held.

In this regard, in order to be able to share, within our association, the common lines of action regarding the topics to be discussed at the Conference, it is convened for next June 5 at 2.30 pm, at the Assarmatori offices (via del Babuino 51 , Rome), the Technical Commission “Logistics, infrastructure and ports”.

At the end of the meeting an internal document will be prepared which will be distributed to company representatives for appropriate assessments and / or additions. All to be ready to participate in the planned event.

It should be remembered that the topic in question will be subjected to a public consultation (not yet open) to which stakeholders and sector operators can participate. The methods of participation are indicated on the Ministry’s website on the page “ “.