Messina: increasingly involving shipowners in the legislative process affecting shipping

During the “Mare al Centro” (Sea at the Centre) conference, organised in Rome by the Italian Naval League (Lega Navale Italiana, chaired by Admiral Donato Marzano) at the Centro Alti Studi della Difesa (Casd), Assarmatori’s chairman Stefano Messina addressed government representatives and administrators directly to underline the importance of a greater involvement either of shipowners’ associations or of the all port maritime cluster top management – starting from the delicate phase of preparation of legislative measures affecting the industry.

Furthermore, President Messina added that “the joint cluster representatives’ action, especially during this historic time, would bring about a significant improvement in the laws and greater effectiveness of the measures envisaged for the sector. This would consolidate and further develop maritime transport which is a fundamental driver of the entire national economy. Maximum synergy, a shared vision and a common direction between politics, institutions, businesses and representatives of the world of work are inevitable actions that must be undertaken. Never than before this recovery phase, we all have to pull together in the same direction”.

 Stefano  Messina and President of Lega Navale, Adm. Donato Marzano