Assarmatori companies at the port of Genoa: we are the “Mediterranean northern gate”

Twelve shipping companies and over 50 companies active in the supply chain of logistics, services, shipbuilding and repairs. These numbers would be adequate to qualify Assarmatori and its associates as privileged partners of the Ligurian port system that hinges on the ports of Genoa and Savona. Nevertheless, the hints emerged from the Assarmatori meeting – organized in Genoa – further promote and reveal the key collaboration and impact of the companies, belonging to Assarmatori, that have on the balance of goods and on other services in the port of Genoa. An incidence that tends to exceed the 80% of the total traffic in the ferry and cruise sector and still stands at over 50% in containers and goods on rolling stock (Ro-Ro and Ro-Ro pax ships).

Indeed, it is precisely this companies’ vital role in the Ligurian port and its port system which make almost natural a dialogue and a debate on major diverse issues between the Port System Authority (“AdSP”) and the shipowners’ representation – also considering that the associated companies established and rooted in the Genoa port ensure the employment of over 19,000 direct employees (3,000 reside in Genoa).

“Assarmatori has determination – said Stefano Messina, Assarmatori President – to provide the Port System Authority with collaboration, suggestions and constant support with respect to different matters. In the coming months, the AdSP will be called upon to take decisions with regard to different issues (such as the nautical accessibility in the Sampierdarena basin; the dredging management; the planning for the improvement of the railway transport capacity, of tariffs and of the Regulatory Plan; the LNG plants’ organization)”.

“We are on the eve of a turning point that could be epochal for the Blue Economy – continued Stefano Messina – with decisive choices (the Dam, the railway and road infrastructures connecting with the production hinterland, the electrification of the docks, a more rational use of the areas, for instance). Assarmatori firmly supports the Port System Authority in facilitating and implementing the ambitious development plan, by guaranteeing its support in all the operational and institutional offices”.