Innovation, shipping growth and the future of the Port of Genoa at the heart of the “L’Alfabeto del futuro” debate


Innovation, shipping growth and the future of Genoa Port. These have been some of the topics dealt also by Assarmatori’s President, Stefano Messina, during the third edition debate of the project “L’Alfabeto del futuro” (The alphabet of the future) organised by the Gnn group (Gedi news network).


“Trade, a recovery test – In port, the challenge of modernity” was the title of the panel moderated by Il Secolo XIX journalist Simone Gallotti. Other relevant speakers, together with President Messina, attended the debate including the National President of Fedespedi, Silvia Moretto, the President of the Autorità di Sistema Portuale (“AdSP”) of the Western Ligurian Sea, Paolo Emilio Signorini and the President of Gruppo Spinelli Spa, Aldo Spinelli.


“The boom in world trade”, Messina said, “is driven by shipping and following this vein, a strong driver growth is undoubtedly the trend towards decarbonization, possible with the replacement of the world’s ships. Another key point is digitalization which moves together with the Institutions’ support – the National Reform Programme is a concrete example. Assarmatori sent a proposal to Minister Giovannini proposing the renewal of the passenger ferry fleet in a green vision – by intercepting the possibility of public investment, the proposal could certainly encourage further private investment by shipowners and thus get the economy moving ahead.”.


With respect to the future of the port of Genoa and the “2026 goal”, President Messina has stressed the fact that “in order to achieve concrete opportunities of economic and working growth, it would be necessary to adapt the existing infrastructures so as to be able to receive – without exclusions – the various types of ships that plough our seas and keep alive the world-wide commerce. All this considered in a specific vision, adapted to the Ligurian capital port capacities and characteristics.”.

Moreover, during the debate, have been discussed also the freight rates and the growth of container and rolling stock traffic topics. “The market has changed.”.  Messina explained that, on the most relevant routes, the medium freight for Ignazio Messina & C. group is doubled; while on some other routes (with important volumes) the freights are remained nearly unchanged. “To Genoa our group enlivens in its terminal little less than 20% of all the container of the city historical port. Since the beginning of this year, we have been focusing more on multipurpose: not only containers, even if it is still the most handled type of goods at the terminal, but also ships carrying pipes, cement profiles, zinc, coils and projects” – Messina said.