“LNG infrastructures and transport: from emergency to relaunch”, Assarmatori participates in the thematic webinar

Practically everyone considers it the best solution for the environment, but for a generalized use of Liquefied Natural Gas as a fuel for Shipping, it will still be necessary to wait.

This is what emerged during the webinar on “LNG infrastructure and transport: from the emergency to the relaunch”. Organized by the LNG Conference with the aim of sharing information and assessing the state of the art of the transport sector, the reaction to the health crisis and the growth prospects in relation to the theme of LNG also applied to the shipping landscape.

The meeting saw the participation of numerous players in the sector, including Dr. Mauro Coletta, Director of the “Directorate-General for the supervision of port authorities, port infrastructures and maritime and inland waterway transport” of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Assarmatori also made its contribution to the initiative through the intervention of Eng. Enrico Allieri, Ship Technology, Maritime Safety & Environment Director of the Association, who underlined how the shipping world is very interested in LNG, both as a transition fuel towards decarbonisation, and as a preparatory fuel for the use of bio-methane and synthetic methane. “Certain sectors of our sector, such as cruises – Allieri’s said – have already made a choice in this sense for some time, while other sectors, such as the ferry sector, could take this path decisively if only they had the certainty of the points of supply in the terminal ports of the lines. The most significant problems that are hindering our sector are the absence of certain procedures for the bunkering of ships, the total absence of supply possibilities in Italian ports and the difficulties in accessing sources of financing, of which the latest proof is the failure to include maritime transport in the European taxonomy”.

The telematic event, which in some moments saw more than 250 people connected, starting from the intervention of Assarmatori, touched all the main problems related to the introduction of LNG in Italy, both from the point of view of infrastructures and that of users.

“Unfortunately, the naval sector – emerged from the webinar – with regard to the supply of LNG in Italy, continues to remain” immobile “and, although some infrastructures are now close to being operational, the long-awaited bunkering procedure is not yet available. It is highly probable that, once again, the industry will arrive before the bureaucracy”.

The Webinar was closed by the Director of MIT, Mr Coletta, who stressed that the industry needs “certainty of the rules” and “certain times”, finding full correspondence with the requests made for some time by Assarmatori, in the hope that this statement in principle, will be followed up by concrete facts.

The full recording of the Webinar is accessible at the following link: http://www.conferenzagnl.com/2020/06/webinar-infrastrutture-gnl-e-trasporti-emergenza-rilancio/