President Messina at the X Event for internationalization: “Italy needs not only a 4.0 Industry but also a 4.0 Shipping”

“A Country that has exports as the pillar stone of its economic development must have ports and “retro-ports” suited to current challenges. Italy needs not only a 4.0 Industry but also a 4.0 Shipping”. This is Assarmatori President’s statement during the Event for internationalization, initiated in Rome by the ministers of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Luigi di Maio, and of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti.

“Infrastructures”, Messina reiterated, “will be the core of any possible development strategy and intramodality will be the key. Port terminals that are more sustainable, more modern, more efficient, but also more connected with all the other networks such as road, rail and airport are required alongside an innovative development plan that goes beyond the construction of new plants as the supply chain of the future will be first of all digital and the challenge of technological innovation will be no less decisive than the infrastructural one. To achieve this, a massive bureaucratic simplification is also necessary”.

“The PNRR and the other related projects”, Messina concluded, “will secure the Country with a logistic system suitable for international competition. To protect it, all interventions must pursue the same goals, namely: optimization, integration, innovation, simplification and, of course, sustainability”.