Training and inclusion. Memorandum of understanding signed between Oltremare and LESS Social Cooperative

SDeveloping a social and inclusive economy that creates job opportunities and sustainable growth, especially in response to the difficult moment caused by the pandemic emergency caused by Covid-19, is the goal that led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between “Oltremare – Integrated Shipping Services”, a special purpose company of the national armament trade association ASSARMATORI, and “LESS Cooperativa sociale ar.l. ETS – Fight against Social Exclusion for Sustainability and the protection of rights”.

The two organizations, both based in Naples, by virtue of their social aims that intercepted each other’s objectives, purposefully intended to join forces, thus creating a constructive synergy that can be a new engine for revitalizing professional activities, encouraging youth employment and vocational training with specific reference to their areas of action, and beyond.

In particular, OLTREMARE aims at the constant enhancement of the employment of young people in maritime careers, through the implementation of qualification and specialization courses, internships, work experiences, internships, apprenticeship training and other training measures and active employment policy. It is also active in providing support for the continuous development of workers’ vocational training.

LESS, on the other hand, promotes and implements rights education activities and over the years has created numerous synergies with service providers and other private social organizations. LESS implements the concept of social assistance, which goes beyond the concept of social welfare, promoting the autonomy and social inclusion of individuals who are particularly vulnerable and at risk of social exclusion through the implementation of projects, initiatives, studies that provide accompanying measures, orientation, integration into the world of work and intercultural exchange.

With the signing of the memorandum of understanding, signed by the CEO of Oltremare, Giovanni Massimiliano Consoli, and by the President of Less, Daniela Fiore, an increase in activities is expected that can lead to concrete growth opportunities for the local social economy, also creating additional employment opportunities and consequently stimulating the entire economic circuit in the Campania region.