Fit for 55: European rejection of the application of the Emission Trading Scheme

The plenary session of the European Parliament has just voted against the report on the reform of the European market Ets (Emission Trading Scheme) signed by Peter Liese (EPP – Germany) and therefore the report will return to the Environment Committee. Too many controversial points that divided the majority, in particular some of the articles envisaged, such as the one that include incinerators and waste-to-energy plants and maritime transport in the system.

At this point, a revision of the proposal could arrive in Strasbourg in September.

In recent months, various Italian maritime transport associations had raised the question of the risk of distortion of competition. “They punish those who do not use ‘non-existent’ fuels and favor non-European ports. The EU is wrong, the maritime regulations of the Fit for 55 package, those to reduce emissions from ships, do not help the environment and destroy the economy,” said Assarmatori president Stefano Messina said last November. “The international shipping that currently scales European ports will try to evade the new impositions by avoiding touching European ports and instead scaling existing hubs on the borders of Europe or those – numerous – under construction, for example in North Africa on the southern shore of the Mediterraneo ”added the Genoese shipowner, entering into the specifics of the problem.

Taken from Shipping Italy dated 06/08/2022