Extension of the International Register, Assarmatori press release

“The reading the draft of the “Decreto Aiuti-ter” is a source of great satisfaction, because it would make possible to respond positively to the requirements of the European Commission Decision, dated back to June 2020″.

This is the comment of the President of Assarmatori, Stefano Messina, on the draft of the Decree-Law, particularly regarding the International Register extension to shipping companies flying an EU country flag. A deep change resulting from the important work carried out by Minister Enrico Giovannini, by the General Directorate of Maritime Transport of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility (“MIMS”). In this delicate phase a relevant job has been made also by the offices of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

“For more than 24 years – Messina continued – this regime has enabled maritime transport companies to compete, developing investments, maintaining and creating additional Italian jobs, and contributing to the growth of the Italian system. Its extension allows the consolidation and probably the strengthening of this important sector of the Italian economy. This is why we hope that this draft will become effective State law in order to align our tried and tested support instrument with the rules dictated by the European Union”.

According to Assarmatori, the current urgent need for a vital simplification of the sector’s regulatory system must not be forgotten. It is necessary to make the Italian flag competitive with those existing in other European countries. “This – concludes the Association’s President – would avert the danger according which the new instrument may lead to flagging out conditions, in favor of EU registers”.