Italian Navy anti-terrorism exercise on the Jolly Palladio in the Strait of Hormuz

Joint anti-terrorism exercise between the Italian Navy and the Italian Merchant Navy in the Strait of Hormuz. The protagonists were the multipurpose deep-sea patrol vessel Thaon di Revel and the ro-ro container ship Jolly Palladio by Ignazio Messina & C., which on Tuesday November 1st simulated a bomb scare on the Genoese company’s ship, in one of the most sensitive areas of maritime traffic, in the strait that connects the Gulf of Oman with the Persian Gulf.

It was a real simulation of a terrorist attack on the Genoese company’s vessel, flying the Italian flag, with the ensuing reaction from the military ship. Upon receiving the alarm raised by the merchant ship about the possible presence of an explosive device on board, a team of specialised military personnel was prepared and transported, via the Thaon di Revel vessel’s helicopter, to the deck of the Jolly Palladio where device search procedures were implemented. At the end of the activity, the all-clear signal was given, allowing the ro-ro container ship to resume regular navigation.

The operation was carried out in collaboration between the Italian Navy, the company Ignazio Messina & C. and Assarmatori.


“As for the anti-piracy exercises, also the anti-terrorism drills are of fundamental importance in the framework of coordinated actions to protect either the crews of Italian ships and or the cargo on the routes with the highest potential risk” Assarmatori emphasizes “and the achieved high coordination level was confirmed during this military exercise”.