“From sea to land: special logistics zone (SLZ) opportunities for Genoa and Liguria”. Stefano Messina: ” SLZ – development and employment opportunity”

“From sea to land: special logistics zones are opportunities for Genoa and Liguria”. Assarmatori President, Stefano Messina, attended the conference organized by Uil Liguria and Uil Trasporti dedicated to the logistics chain. The importance of the logistics system was the key discussion topic underlying the quality of the system which allows those who produce on land to operate efficiently and create wealth by moving goods by sea.


“The concrete implementation of the special logistics zone (SLZ) – Stefano Messina stressed – should let the Genoese territory to identify and seize numerous development and employment opportunities. This is also due to the investments in major works and infrastructures which, partially, have already been started.

It is undoubtedly that an integrated land-sea logistics system, with an incentive to circulate goods in the shortest possible and efficient time, could make the Genoese port (and backport) even more “attractive” for shipowners – who decide to invest in that port and increase its traffic.

Moreover, – continued Assarmatori President – the special logistics area, as a multi-year tool, can represent a facilitating instrument in the localization of the logistic-production chains. This latter activity is represented either with regards to the supply chains (on which the North West region is already specialized) or with respect to  the new industrial sectors – by following the re-shoring and revision of the logistic chains triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Messina concluded by arguing that  is available all what has been provided by legal provisions: a proposal of a Strategic Development Plan for the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority and a Regulation aimed at coordinating the operation of the Management Committee of the special logistics area, which will have to follow its progress. However, the establishment of the Steering Committee, legally required in order to start the (full) SLZ operation, is still missing”.