Assarmatori: “The tender for the digitalisation of ports is a turning point for the logistics system”

Assarmatori welcomes with satisfaction the 16-million-euro tender announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, allocated to Port System Authorities to digitalize the logistics chain.

“This marks a significant turning point that we have eagerly awaited for an extended period” – comments the president of the association, Stefano Messina – In fact, in the vast majority of logistical processes, paper documentation is still necessary, thereby slowing down and obstructing the smooth flow of goods.

Thanks to these allocated resources, Italian AdSP will experience a substantial enhancement in operational quality which will allow process optimization, with consequent time and resource savings. The objective of achieving complete dematerialisation of documents is also consistent with EU Regulation 1056 and offers operators great opportunities in progressive steps up to mid-2026. The-real time exchange of data between the logistics centers of our country is a fundamental condition to improve the distribution chain, increase the efficiency of the entire system and consequently strengthening Italy’s competitiveness on the international scene. In this context, we particularly appreciate an approach within the maritime transport sector linked not only to pure port management, but to the entire multimodal logistics chain that revolves around the port”.

According to Messina, the tender is the result “of the excellent work carried out by the entire structure of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, from the deputy minister Edoardo Rixi to the general director Donato Liguori, concluding with the RAM”.