Assarmatori: stop the speculation on IMO standards for new fuels with low sulfur content

The issue of harmful emissions in the shipping sector is not contestable. It is an objective problem that cannot be used commercially as a tool, but which requires a serious and market-based commitment.

ASSARMATORI intervenes on this issue denouncing how in some ports, particularly in Naples, the concessionary companies of the marine fuel supply service have warned the shipowners of the fact that, in advance compared to the deadline of January 1, 2020 set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), in a very short time, they will no longer have reserves of IFO fuels in use so far. Which means they will be able to refuel only with 0.5% IFO fuel, which has a significantly higher cost than the first.

It is worth reiterating – underlines ASSARMATORI – that the international norms sanction from the beginning of next year the compulsory use of 0.5% IFO fuels to reach the goal of reducing sulfur emissions by seven times.
All the expenses for the adaptation to the new regulations are completely at the expense of the shipping companies that are at risk today, and this concerns especially those active on national lines and that must buy the fuel in Italy, of having to anticipate these extra costs with consequences, strongly impacting on their budgets.

“In this way – explains the President of ASSARMATORI Stefano Messina – it creates an economic damage to the shipping companies, and an undue gain for those (fortunately not all dealers in national ports have adopted this conduct) that, through an abuse of their dominant position, impose an improper cost on companies “.