Assarmatori calls for urgent aid for the ferry sector and cabotage. VIDEO

Urgent aid to the companies that operate ferries on the Motorways of the Sea and on routes to the major islands and to those that provide short-haul connections. This is one of the main requests that Assarmatori makes to Parliament. The Secretary General of the association, Alberto Rossi, during a hearing held at the Joint Constitutional Affairs and Public Works Commissions of the Senate in view of the discussion of the Simplification Decree, recalled how maritime transport, which is one of the essential infrastructures for the country, has never stopped during the months of lockdown, guaranteeing territorial continuity and maintaining the logistic chain essential for supplies for the population and businesses.

This effort has cost companies in the sector operating losses on an annual basis of up to 70% of turnover and so far no compensation has been received from the Government. The only direct aid, however, only for cabotage companies registered in the first register, and which had been included in the Simplification decree, was skipped at the last moment.
“For the real restart of the Country,” said Rossi, “help is needed for the entire sector of short and long-haul maritime transport to avoid the failure of services and the employment emergency.”

Shipowners also hope “that the Government will authorize the Cruises protocol shared with MIT, the Ministry of Health, the General Command and trade associations and approved by the Technical Scientific Committee as quickly as possible. Cruises have already left for Asia and Germany. Italy cannot fall behind. ”

Likewise, the entire maritime cluster has defined with the General Command of the Port Authorities and with the MIT a list of simplifying rules that are now waiting to be translated into law to boost the Italian flag by recovering the lost competitiveness.

Extremely urgent is also a joint action with other countries to overcome the many contradictory national regulations that prevent the rotation of crews, resulting in the unsustainable situation that sees tens of thousands of seafarers stranded on their respective ships in every part of the world. IMO, the United Nations agency in charge of maritime navigation since last May, has issued a circular that acts as a reference framework for protocols that can facilitate the rotation of crews on board ships. Several nations have already joined this protocol, Assarmatori’s hope is that Italy will soon do the soon.