Assarmatori attends the Conftrasporto Forum, and Assarmatori’s President Messina, states, “You cannot cut the benefits that led to the doubling Italian flagged ships”

Stefano Messina, president of Assarmatori, participated in the roundtable for speakers at the Conftrasporto Forum held on 21 October, in Cernobbio. The economic scenario was the first panel to address the audience and to which the president of Assarmatori said, “The world economy is slowing down and international tensions are in danger of slowing down exports. This is why the benefits that in twenty years have doubled ships flying the Italian flag cannot be cut”.

“In addition to the duties deriving from the trade wars – continued Messina, and with reference to the cuts to subsidies on the cost of Italian seafarers’ labor, which could be included in the next Budget Law – there are other hidden, and very heavy duties that we pay without reason, or rather because of a self-defeating political will. To be at risk is a measure adopted twenty years ago on a par with other European countries, which relaunched the national armament, in fact doubling the number of ships flying the Italian flag and saving and relaunching employment. Today, in the name of a confused and clumsy green philosophy we would like to reduce those subsidies, to the point of canceling them to impose on the shipowners an environmentalist turning point that in reality we have been calling on the insitutions to do for some time now.

Since the environment comes first and foremost, we do not understand why in Italy it is practically impossible to use liquefied natural gas as fuel, which is still a fossil source, but definitely much, much less polluting. In Italy there is gas, there are deposits, there are bunkers in ports or there is money to build them, but there are no rules for refueling. They are working on two different technical tables set up by two different ministries, which moreover, do not interact with each other. And this too is a heavy duty to pay”.